One Pace Forward, Four Paces Back

November 13, 2014

Last night, my family sat down to a game of Sorry. It seemed like my husband drew every crushing card, sending me back to Start before I'd even stepped a few paces out of the circle. Fifteen minutes in, he already had two pieces Home. I weathered the storm of defeat and then decided to check my email to see if I had any responses from the numerous queries I'd sent out during the week. Well, I did.


Needless to say, the agent who requested five pages a few days earlier, responded with a very gracious "SORRY".


Yet, I stay in the game, hoping  the next card moves me forward and the other guys card doesn't move me back. I won't quit. I'll keep going, pulling the cards and sending out the queries, believing, one day, I'm going to make it HOME. 






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