The Road from Writer to Author

Writing can be an obsession. There are times when you sit down and things start flowing like a busted water pipe (I’ll leave that for another blog). There are also times when you sit down, stare at the computer screen like a frozen zombie. Through those times, busted water pipe or not, you are still a writer.

Then, there is a moment, after you’ve spent hours, days, weeks, months, years, typing or drooling on your laptop when someone wants to publish your book. In a matter of seconds, you go from being a writer to an author.

Excitement and disappointment always meet you on any journey you decide to take. I remember submitting a historical romance to a writer’s contest about five years ago. It was my first finished manuscript, and I had a lot to learn regarding:

  • Point of View (POVs)

  • Head-hopping

  • Passive voice

The judges were fair and gave me invaluable insight, one judge in particular. Her name was Debbie Macomber. She said she liked my writing and believed I would get my books published one day. Through the many rejection letters, the heartbreaks, and brutal self-reflections I have received, I held on tight to Ms. Macomber’s words.

Fast forward to about two weeks ago, after a year of queries and rejections, I received a contract for a contemporary romance about a selfish English Lord and a broke American woman, both trying to find their way in life, both receiving some help from an incognito fairy godmother. It is a feel-good, Cinderella story with plenty of bantering between the two characters, Edmund and Abby.

Lord Bachelor is now under contract with The Wild Rose Press, a small print and e-publishing company. Now, the author work begins. This includes:

  • Updating the website

  • Thinking about a book cover

  • Making lists of independent book stores

  • Linking to other writers and authors

  • Edits, blurbs, and excerpts, oh my!

  • And, of course, marketing, marketing, marketing

Check back here to find out the release date for Lord Bachelor.

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